The International Association of Conscientiological Encyclopediology (ENCYCLOSSAPIENS) is the Conscientiocentric Institution (CI) founded on December 21st, 2013, dedicated to the studies, research, teaching, production, revision, defense and dissemination of the entries of the Encyclopedia of Conscientiology.

Through its volunteer researchers, it oversees and supports the production of verbets together with the authors, which includes: the admission of titles, text revision focused on the adherence to the encyclopedic norms and the presentation of verbets in the Conscientiological Tertulias.


The entries contained in the Encyclopedia of Conscientiology are written by authors (verbetographers), volunteers or non-volunteers of Conscientiology, and subsequently presented in daily public gatherings – the Conscientiological Tertúlias.

The Encyclopedia of Conscientiology currently has about 5,800 entries (Base date: December 2021).


The conscientiological tertulia is the event dedicated to the public presentation of the verbet. Here the verbetographer, with the assistance of the Conscientiology instructors as mediators, answers questions from tertulians (in person attendees) and teletertulians (online attendees).

The tertulias take place daily, from 12:30 to 14:30 (Brasília time) at the Tertuliarium of the Center for Higher Studies of Conscientiology (CEAEC), in Foz do Iguaçu, PR, Brazil.